Parent Expectations for Peninsula Schools


Parent Code of Conduct

Parent expectations (Code of Conduct) have been adopted to aid all members of our school community to work as a cohesive group within our school community.

The Code is intended to promote and maintain the highest standard of behaviour by parents. It is an expectation that all parents should adhere to this Code of Conduct and our ‘Manners Matter’ expectations at all times.

At all times our focus is to support students and their learning, this code supports this vision.

Respect and concern for others and their rights

  • Act with courtesy and demonstrate respect for all persons: fellow parents, school staff, students or community members.
  • Listen and be tolerant of the views and opinions of others, even if those views and opinions differ from your own.
  • Show respect for school staff by:
    • using appropriate communication channels when dealing with the school.
    • encouraging children to use problem solving channels at school (eg. Blue room, chaplaincy).
  • Take responsibility for your own actions.
  • Conduct and present yourself in a professional manner, act ethically and with integrity.
  • Ensure all comments, including social media entries, are appropriate, fair and positive.
  • Follow the parking rules and doing the right thing when delivering and collecting children from school.

A commitment to achievement of potential

  • Be good role models. It is your actions that really count.
  • Ensure that your children are ‘equipped’ to learn, for example:
    • provide appropriate items as per the class lists including parent contributions.
    • ensure children are well rested and well nourished when they arrive at school.
    • provide your children with healthy nourishing food at school.
  • Take an interest in your children’s school work, for example, encourage the completion of homework in all subject areas by providing a time and place for children to do their homework.
  • Let the school know of any problems that may affect your child’s ability to learn.
  • Inform the school of absences and keep absences to a minimum and for legitimate reasons only.

Acceptance and respect

  • Listen and respond to issues and concerns in a constructive manner.
  • Support the authority and discipline of the school.
  • Abide by the school’s policies and procedures.
  • Pay school fees in a timely manner.
  • Ensure students are in full school uniform.
  • Participate in parent evenings.
  • Remain objective and avoid personal bias.

Social and civic responsibility

  • Act in the best interest of the whole school community at all times.
  • Be fair.
  • Treat official information with care and use it only for the purpose for which it was provided.
  • Be responsive to the requirements of the school community.
  • Resolve any concerns with the school as the first point of contact rather airing concerns in a public forum.
  • Be involved in the school community by attending P&C meetings, volunteer for Canteen Roster or Volunteer to help with school activities (eg fundraising and sporting events etc.)
Last reviewed 24 March 2023
Last updated 24 March 2023