Visual Arts


Art is a fun subject. Students enjoy the whole process of being creative. They see their first attempts and ideas evolve into a body of personalized work which eventually becomes a fully resolved artwork.  This often becomes a source of pride to the student and parents have been known to request pieces for the lounge room or the garden!

Art is also an interdisciplinary subject working with other key learning areas.

Art develops self-esteem and confidence.  Skills such as teamwork, sharing, presentation and problem-solving are developed.  These skills are transferable across a wide range of careers.

One of the skills young people need is a comprehensive knowledge of visual based literacies and texts. Visual Art at Clontarf Beach SHS seeks to teach students how to deconstruct and analyse images to decipher their meanings in an increasing visual world.

Visual Art uses an inquiry learning model, teaching students to think outside the box, preparing them for future problem solving. At a time when creativity is sought by industry, visual art significantly contributes to the design and manufacture of images and objects needed for living.

 Students are actively challenged to participate in a range of interesting, learning experiences and all the fun of producing personal creation through painting, drawing, sculpting/ modelling and designing.

Junior Curriculum

In the Junior Art Curriculum, students are introduced to the historical aspects of art through the exploration of social and cultural themes and concepts.

Students develop 2D and 3D skills through exploration of a range of art forms that allow them to manipulate materials, techniques, technologies and plan and design artworks that cultivate each student’s personal aesthetic while enlarging their understanding of the periods studied. 

Students are also expected to develop skills associated with the analysis of artwork both contemporary and from past times including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and art work.

Senior Curriculum

In senior, students will be introduced to a variety of periods in Art through the exploration the social, cultural and art of these periods and the developing understand of and skills to investigate and analyse art and artist of these periods. They will explore a range of drawing media and techniques from these periods and develop their practical drawing skills using their personal aesthetic to create contemporary artworks and they are also expected to develop an art journal that documents the knowledge they have gained and the development through experimentation to conceptualise concept and themes, manipulate materials, techniques and technologies, develop and refine ideas and subject matter, plan and design artwork.  They are also expected to present ideas for the display and evaluation of artworks, analyse and explore differing viewpoints including those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

As they continue their study, they will be expected to research art and artist that will impact on their own art practice, seeking information that will enable them to develop their own aesthetic and understand how that practice is influenced by interaction with their social, cultural and educational contacts.  They will integrate these skills in their art as well as understanding how other artist have been influenced.

Extra Curricula and other activities

  • Art Club (Currently Monday and Wednesday - Lunch 1)
  • Administration Building Foyer- Art Space
  • Library- Art Space
  • Open Day Exhibitions
  • Mini Exhibition Showcase - Semester 1
  • Redcliffe Show
  • Mini Exhibition Showcase - Semester 2

Head of Department - Mrs C Glover

Last reviewed 27 August 2021
Last updated 27 August 2021