The Arts


The Arts at Clontarf Beach State High School, is a vibrant, progressive and innovative curriculum area which offers subject choices to enable students to express their creativity through design, interpretation and artistic vision.

Across Year 7 and 8, all students at Clontarf Beach State High School experience the Arts areas of dance, drama, music and visual art.

This introduction to the Arts provides opportunity for students to discover these art forms, which then may lead to further studies across Years 9-12.

Many extra curricula activities are available for students to participate in, including dance excellence team, instrumental music, and large productions including musicals and feature films.


Overview of subject

The junior Drama curriculum is fun and exciting and is designed to expose students to the world of Theatre and the Arts. The subject area aims to broaden student’s understanding of the world and its perspectives through the art of performance. Students will explore the elements of drama through a range of engaging practical activities and challenging theatrical styles. The subject will help build students’ capacity with 21st century skills including creativity and innovation; critical thinking and problem solving; and communication and teamwork – all necessary skills for success in an ever-changing world.


Junior Curriculum

Students learn about the world of theatre and learn the art of performance through a range of dramatic styles. Our junior curriculum is very practical and highly challenging, teaching students the skills of acting, scriptwriting, improvisation, and critical analysis. Units include clowning and comedy, playbuilding, improvisation, as well as performance and production. Extension opportunities exist through co-curricular and extra-curricular productions both onstage and behind the scenes.

Senior Curriculum


Senior Drama investigates the stories, experiences, emotions and ideas that reflect the human experience. It allows students to look to the past with curiosity, and explore inherited traditions of artistry to inform their own artistic practice and shape their world as global citizens. There are two senior strands: Drama (general) and Drama in Practice (applied).

Drama (general) is a highly challenging and practical academic subject which aims to broaden and deepen student’s understanding of theatre and the arts through historical, cultural, political and sociological lenses. Through the inquiry process, students will study a range of dramatic styles and examine their impact on philosophy, politics and culture.

Drama in Practice (applied) takes a more hands-on approach, allowing students to experience the various areas of theatre practices and making strong industry links. Whilst acting is the core of this subject, the subject exposes students to careers in a variety of arts and theatre-based careers including directing, stage management, scriptwriting, filmmaking and event management.


Overview of subject

In Dance, students:

  • build on their awareness of the body and how it is used in particular dance styles.

  • extend their understanding and use space, time, dynamics and relationships to expand their choreographic intentions.

  • extend the combinations of fundamental movement skills to include dance style-specific movement skills.

  • extend technical skills from the previous band, increasing their confidence, accuracy, clarity of movement and projection.

  • draw on dances from a range of cultures, times and locations as they experience dance.

  • explore the dance and influences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and those of the Asia region.

  • reflect on the development of traditional and contemporary styles of dance and how choreographers can be identified through the style of their choreography.

  • learn about sustainability through the arts and sustainability of practices in the arts.

  • explore meaning and interpretation, forms and elements, and social, cultural and historical contexts of dance as they make and respond to dance.

  • evaluate dancers’ success in expressing the choreographers’ intentions and the use of expressive skills in dances they view and perform.

  • understand that safe dance practices underlie all experiences in the study of dance.

  • perform within their own body capabilities and work safely in groups.

Junior Curriculum

Year 8 Dance

This 5 week unit is designed to expose students to different styles of dance. Year 8 Dance is a foundation subject where students learn about the elements of dance; they focus strongly on performance.

Year 9 Dance

Year 9 Dance is a subject in which students experience the genres of Classical Ballet and Contemporary dance focussing on the technique and dynamics of the genres. They also experience the genres of folk/cultural dance, popular dance, Jazz and Tap.

Senior Curriculum

Year 10 Dance

Year 10 Dance is a unit in which students will be introduced to the different genres of Musical Theatre. They will also be introduced to Contemporary dance through exploration of Australian choreographers and dance works. Students strongly focus on their dance technique and create a deeper understanding for Contemporary dance through their own choreography.

CB D-22.jpg

Year 11 and 12 Dance in Practice

Dance in Practice is a two (2) year course of study.

In Dance in Practice, students create, perform and produce dance works in class, school and community contexts. This involves the integration of knowledge of the world with experience and perception. To do this, students examine aesthetic codes and symbol systems and use their senses as a means of understanding and responding to their own and others’ dance works. This fosters creativity, helps students develop problem-solving skills, and heightens their imaginative, emotional, aesthetic, analytical and reflective experiences.

Students explore and apply techniques, processes and technologies individually and in groups to express dance ideas that serve particular purposes. They gain practical and technical skills, employ terminology specific to dance, investigate ways to solve problems, and make choices to communicate through dance and about dance. Through the physicality of dance and the use of their bodies as a medium for artistic expression, students experience a sense of enjoyment and personal achievement.

There are many roles for dance practitioners in dance industries, including choreographer, performer, designer, technician and producer. A course of study in Dance in Practice can establish a basis for further education and employment in dance education, dance teaching, choreography, performance and event production.

The core is the conceptual base for the course of study and is what all students who undertake this subject will have the opportunity to learn. The core of this subject consists of three topics:

  • ‘Dance performance’ — the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for an individual to perform in solo and group performances. It also includes the performance of students as teachers of dance for particular purposes and audiences, and healthy and safe practices in dance
  • ‘Dance production’ — the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to stage dance productions. It includes designing dance performances and understanding choreography and the technical and design skills used in dance productions
  • ‘Dance literacies’ — the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for students to understand and critique dance works.

Extra Curricula and other activities

Clontarf Beach State High Schools Dance Department provides many opportunities for students to perform and compete. Our Junior and Senior Dance Excellence Teams compete regularly throughout the year at various Eisteddfods around South East Queensland. The Eisteddfod season runs from approximately May to September. In recent years the teams have competed at The Sunshine Coast Dance Eisteddfod, The Brisbane Dance Eisteddfod, Redcliffe Dance Eisteddfod and Beenleigh Dance Eisteddfod. The teams also perform at local events such as Dance Ed in the Spotlight and The Murrumba District Dance Challenge which is hosted by our school.

All students of dance are invited to perform at our annual Dance Night which is held every year in September showcasing work from our Excellence teams, class dance and student choreography.

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