Alumni - Renae Papalexiou

​Renae attended CBSHS from 2007 to 2011. During her time at Clontarf she was a self-proclaimed music aficionado.  Every lunchtime was spent at the music block playing instruments with her fellow students, many of whom have become lifelong friends.
Renae is currently completing a Bachelor of Science (Biology & Chemistry) degree.  After she has completed this course she will be going onto study a Master of Teaching degree with the aim of becoming a Science teacher.  In addition she is also studying for a Certificate II in Auslan, with the goal of completing her Certificate II, III, and IV in Auslan, Diploma of Auslan, and Diploma of Interpreting.

Renae obtained her first degree (Bachelor of Wildlife Science) from The University of Queensland.  This allowed her to combine her love for animals and science and in turn led her onto study her current degree at The Queensland University of Technology.
As a student she volunteered for over four years at Peninsula Animal Aid and more recently at RSPCA Queensland.  Renae also holds the position of a Learning Potential Fund (LPF) Ambassador (and is herself an LPF Scholarship recipient) for Queensland University of Technology.  This program gives bright and ambitious students the chance to pursue a university education, where otherwise they'd have none.
Over 50% of students who receive a LPF scholarship are the first in their family to attend university.
To find out more about Learning Potential Fund offered by QUT click on the link below:
Her passion for science didn't develop until after she had graduated from high school and looking back now (and with her future firmly focused on science) Renae wishes she had taken the opportunity to study the range of science subjects offered at Clontarf.
She is grateful for the teachers at CBSHS for helping her to explore what her life could be like after school. She was not entirely sure what she wanted to do and it was hard for her to find the right direction.  Her teachers at CBSHS let her know that it was okay to explore her options to ensure she was making the right choices for her future. 
She feels that of all the subjects she studied that English prepared her best for her life after school saying, “My English teachers were all absolutely amazing, and while it wasn't one of my best subjects, I loved being able to express myself, and learning how to communicate with everyone in different ways”.
Renae valued the sense of community within the school and the care that her teachers and the Principal put into her education.  She says that so many inspired her and pushed her to achieve the best that she could. 
Her advice to current CBSHS students is to take in everything that CBSHS has to offer, she said that current students have the opportunity to access so many amazing programs that were not available to her when she was a student. She says “Don't doubt yourself and don't set limits on what you can achieve. High school can leave almost anyone full of doubts, but it’s so important to instil confidence and passion in students to help them achieve their dreams”

Last reviewed 19 April 2022
Last updated 19 April 2022