Junior Secondary Transition Program


​​​Junior secondary

Years 6 to 7

Junior Secondary is a phase of education encompassing Years 7 to 9. Clontarf Beach State High School has designed a program to ensure the transition from primary to secondary schooling is consistent, seamless, strong and safe for all students.  Junior Secondary at Clontarf Beach State High School responds to adolescent development and sets high expectations for achieving the best possible outcome for all students.

Our emphasis on the transition of students from primary school into Year 7 at Clontarf Beach State High School is paramount to the success of students commencing at our school are given the best possible start.  ​​Our Junior Secondary philosophy is to support and guide students to develop ​personally, socially and academically to find their place within the larger school context of secondary school.

Our dedicated Junior Secondary Coordinator, Ms Belinda Edwards, manages the transition of Year 6 to Year 7 at Clontarf Beach State High School. We aim to ensure that students feel comfortable and safe in their new school for Year 7.

Transition program

Transition Days

  • Purpose - Engage students in an authentic high school experience while developing an awareness of secondary schooling demands.
  • Outline - Local affiliate primary schools each participate in a full day of authentic high school experiences.  Each school is allocated their own day to maximise the experience while maintaining the supportive and nurturing environment of being with their own cohort. Students are immersed in secondary school experiences engaging with specialist teachers who design and implement rigorous, challenging and enjoyable lessons.

Enrichment Events

  • Purpose - Extend, enrich and engage individual student’s knowledge, skills and understanding of various curriculum components while developing problem solving, critical thinking, team work and resilience skills.
  • Outline - Unique curriculum events are held both on and off the CBSHS site including Marine activities during the last two weeks of term 2.  Teachers from all faculty areas develop activities demonstrating their expertise in their specialised area. Students from the primary schools are able to develop in areas where they have an obvious strength, talent or passion.

Open Day

  • Purpose - This event is designed to showcase CBSHS student work, teachers, facilities and why we are the school of choice on the peninsula.
  • Outline - Current and prospective parents/carers and students are invited look around the Clontarf campus to see what our site can offer while learning about our school.  New students have an opportunity to become familiar with facilities, meet staff and commence establishing open communication channels. Parents have the opportunity to hear addresses from the current administration team, students and transition coordinator.

Orientation Day

  • Purpose - Enrolled students attend their second full authentic high school day in preparation for commencing year 7 at CBSHS the subsequent year.
  • Outline - Students participate in a typical year 7 day at CBSHS.  They are in mixed school groups operating off a timetable and classes indicative of what they will experience in year 7.  Students are provided with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with teachers, facilities and peers they will encounter as full time secondary students.

Year 7 Welcome Evening

  • Purpose - To provide parent/ carers the opportunity to meet their student’s teachers, friends and families in an informal setting.
  • Outline - Usually held in Term 1, Week 3. Families are invited to attend a free sausage sizzle get together. After a brief welcome by our Principal and Junior Secondary Coordinator parent/carers and their families are invited to their student’s POD room to find out more about life at secondary school.
Last reviewed 26 August 2022
Last updated 26 August 2022