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Principal's welcome

Welcome to Clontarf Beach State High School, where potential is discovered and fostered as we strive to develop our students as confident young men and women.  We want them to be capable of making a difference in the wider community, carving pathways into their future, and able to embrace life’s challenges with vigour, passion and pride; they are our innovative global citizens of tomorrow.
Our school, its teachers and all who are associated with the Clontarf community are committed to maximising the outcomes of every student and finding successful pathways for all.  Clontarf Beach State High School provides a well-rounded education for boys and girls from Years 7 to 12 encompassing academics, sport and cultural pursuits. Our community will “make the difference” to your student’s learning with a challenging learning environment focused on high expectations. 
This is demonstrated by our student achievement. In 2015 all Year 12 students except one were awarded a QCE.  Additionally, 96.4% of QTAC applicants received an offer for a University or TAFE place in 2015, with the majority of students receiving their 1st or 2nd preference.  Twelve students were enrolled in TAFE courses and we had 36 students enrolled in other certificate courses (Certificate 2 Hospitality/Certificate 2 Logistics/Diploma of Business)
Our students have achieved state and national recognition in sport and music and demonstrate a diverse range of skills and capabilities.  These achievements align with our school’s motto: Pride, Passion and Pathways, where we provide the foundation for our students’ future careers. 
For our students to succeed they need a school that cares for them; cares about them. To succeed they need to be safe and free from harm and bullying.  Our school provides an environment of success to give your student every opportunity to develop the knowledge and talents required to become vital members of our community.  
Our House structure, based on the four houses, Pegasus, Orion, Argo and Leo, focuses our students on the goals of commitment, resilience and success. Students are teamed into ‘family groups’ for care class which ranges from years 7 to12 providing models of leadership and responsibility for every student, every day. Students from each year level are acquainted with other students from all year levels, building a strong school community. Our House structure provides the basis of our student monitoring system ensuring that every student’s progress is managed and that there is a strong emphasis on high performance.  This system is supportive of our Junior Secondary aged students between 12 and 15, as they enter the high school environment; it provides a nurturing and encouraging family and provides every opportunity for their success.
Our well qualified and experienced staff are committed to helping all students achieve to their potential, setting them on a successful pathway to pursue their chosen vocation upon leaving school, whether that be university entrance, further study or workplace training.
Effective schools are built around relationships; therefore our people are at the heart of the educational enterprise.  Our school structure support the critical relationship between teacher and student.  We are also aware that the home-school partnership is an essential one and we work to build strong relationships with our parents/care givers.
We have established partnerships with the Australian Catholic University, as the most accessible university for our students, along with Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland, TAFE colleges, job networks, Rotary Clubs and local businesses.
Our school has an active Parents and Citizens’ Association that support the students in all areas of their learning. We as a school community believe that when we have pride in our selves and school; have passion for what we do; we can choose our own pathways to a successful future: Pride, Passion, Pathways.
I hope you enjoy discovering the opportunities that are available to your child, when they enrol at Clontarf Beach State High School.  Please feel free to contact the school, through the ‘Contact Us’ tab on the website, we will be happy to answer your questions.
Best wishes,
Jo House
Updated 15th June 2016