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Since 1964, Clontarf Beach State High School has provided quality education to thousands of students.  Many of our alumni continue to make a difference in their communities through their professions and readily acknowledge the importance of their foundation education at Clontarf Beach State High School.  Amongst them are doctors, teachers, RAAF pilots, business leaders, university professors, scientists, engineers, writers, elite sportspeople and a Justice of the Supreme Court of Queensland.
At our school students are provided many opportunities to explore their potential and possibilities in the areas of academia, sport, culture, and community responsibility.  They achieve state and national recognition in a number of areas and grow and show their diverse range of skills and capabilities.  These achievements align with our school’s motto: Pride, Passion and Pathways, where we provide the foundation for our students’ future careers. 

Through our House structure we offer a truly unique learning environment that ensures every student in the school is known and their learning needs are planned.  Students from years 7 – 12 are teamed into ‘family groups’ for care class.  This experience provides models of leadership and responsibility for every student, every day.  Being linked and acquainted with students from all year levels builds a strong school community. Our House structure provides the basis of our student monitoring system ensuring that every student’s progress is managed and that there is a strong emphasis on high performance.  Additionally, our Care programs nurture and grow commitment, resilience and success.  This system is particularly supportive of our Junior Secondary aged students as they enter the high school environment. 

Care Teachers are appointed as the single point of contact for each student ensuring parent access when they have a query. They ensure the communication channels between school and home are strong. Additionally each student has one House Leader and a House Dean responsible for monitoring the academic welfare, attendance and emotional well-being of your student. 

Our well qualified and experienced staff are committed to helping each and every student achieve to their potential, essential to setting them on a successful pathway to pursue their chosen vocation upon leaving school including university entrance, further study or workplace training.  These outstanding educators have positively contributed to students’ lives over the years.  Learning is our school’s focus with care and inspirational teaching our key drivers to achieve success.

For our students to succeed, they need a school that cares for them; cares about them. To succeed they need to be safe and free from harm and bullying.  Our school strives to provide the environment of success to give your student every opportunity to develop the knowledge and talents required to become vital members of our community. 

Quality schools are built around relationships; therefore our people are at the heart of the educational enterprise.  Our school structure supports the critical relationship between teacher and student.  We are also aware that the home-school partnership is an essential one and we work to build strong relationships with our parents/care givers as well as the wider community. All of those who are associated with the Clontarf community are committed to maximising the outcomes of every student and finding successful pathways for all.  Our community will “make the difference” to your student’s learning with a challenging learning environment focused on high expectations.  We as a school community believe that when we have pride in our selves and school; have passion for what we do; we can choose our own pathways to a successful future: Pride, Passion, Pathways.

At Clontarf Beach State High School, potential is discovered and fostered as we strive to develop our students as confident young men and women.  We want them to be capable of making a difference in the wider community, carving pathways into their future, and able to embrace life’s challenges with vigour, passion and pride; they are our innovative global citizens of tomorrow!

We're delighted to be able to share our school with you.

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29th January 2018

Last reviewed 07 August 2019
Last updated 07 August 2019