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If you cannot view the newsletters linked from this page, please contact school office on 07 3480 4777.​
To learn how to install the new schoolzine app please click on the image below.
This app has been introduced to enhance the schools communication with parents/carers and students.
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Beach Comber 020218.pdfNewsletter 2018 Issue 1Beach Comber 0202182/02/20181876 KB
Beach Comber 020318.pdfNewsletter 2018 Issue 3Beach Comber 0203182/03/20183360 KB
Beach Comber 030818.pdfNewsletter 2018 Issue 12Beach Comber 0308183/08/20185686 KB
Beach Comber 080618.pdfNewsletter 2018 Issue 9Beach Comber 0806188/06/20184108 KB
Beach Comber 110518.pdfNewsletter 2018 Issue 7Beach Comber 11051811/05/20181639 KB
Beach Comber 160218.pdfNewsletter 2018 Issue 2Beach Comber 16021816/02/20181455 KB
Beach Comber 160318.pdfNewsletter 2018 Issue 4Beach Comber 16031816/03/20184479 KB
Beach Comber 170818.pdfNewsletter 2018 Issue 13Beach Comber 17081817/08/20182530 KB
Beach Comber 200718.pdfNewsletter 2018 Issue 11Beach Comber 20071820/07/20181212 KB
Beach Comber 250518.pdfNewsletter 2018 Issue 8Beach Comber 25051825/05/20185960 KB
Beach Comber 260618.pdfNewsletter 2018 Issue 10Beach Comber 26061826/06/20184083 KB
Beach Comber 270418.pdfNewsletter 2018 Issue 6Beach Comber 27041827/04/20181639 KB
Beach Comber 300318.pdfNewsletter 2018 Issue 5Beach Comber 30031830/03/20183439 KB